One thing is for sure: for energy companies, the next ten years will differ dramatically from the last.

Energy company communication can often feel like the marketing of the ’90s—the 1890s. But several factors are driving fundamental changes. While the privatization of energy companies happened 10 to 20 years ago, the energy industry seems to be a late bloomer when it comes to branding. Evolving customer expectations and the realities of contemporary communication within the market are also moving things forward.

Energy is a consumer driven market. It has become a product like any other and sales are no longer a given. People have a choice, and you’d better explain why they should choose you. Finding solutions for future energy supplies is one of the most important and challenging topics on the planet. Shouldn’t this be an exciting topic to talk about, elaborating on the role your company plays within it?

Our oil & gas services include:

/Marketing strategy and implementation of marketing plans

/Communication plans

/Marketing material design and production

/Advertising campaign development   

/Web design and development

/Production of audiovisual material (corporate videos etc.)

/Photo shoots

/Branding & Company re-brand initiatives

/Internal campaigns for various departments (ITC, HSSE, LEA etc.)

/Employee engagement activities

/Event management

/Merchandise production